New Feature Request: Delayed Attachment Delivery

David H. dh at UPTIME.AT
Sat Feb 28 18:44:33 GMT 2004

Hash: RIPEMD160

Lewis Wolfgang wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> So, could MailScanner be used to flag a specified list
> of dangerous filetypes for delayed processing?  Messages
> would have to be unpacked/unzipped for filetype
> determination.  The resulting messages would be placed
> into a third queue where they would sit for a specified
> time period before further virus/spam checks, giving
> the virus signatures a chance to catch up.
Personally I think this is partially a job for the MTA not MailScanner
per se. With sendmail you could do something like,

Got zip attachment drop into /var/spool/

And the MailScanner gets enhanced to something like

Dangerous Mails = /var/spool/

Dangerous Mail Delay = 3600

But I would strongly advise against this. There are situations where it
is perfectly valid for someone to request a zipped file and they need it
now, not in 2 hours. So maybe there has to be a trade off somewhere, I
do not know :)

ON the other hand, doing it in the MTA can be very expensive, so this
could of course be done soley in MailScanner as well. I am just spilling
ideas :)

- -d
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