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Fri Feb 27 22:13:12 GMT 2004

On 2/27/04 2:58 PM, "Nick Nelson" wrote:

> domain1.com -> mail1.host.com
> domain2.com -> mail3.host.com
> domain3.com -> mail32.host.com

We are using Sendmail as a MailHub server similar to what you seem to want,
we used Sendmail's functionality of mailertable and relay domains.

Mailertable settings example;

domain.org    smtp:mail.domain.org

And then for Relay Domains we just enter the domain i.e.


This in essence grabs the mail as we have the mailhub set as the priority MX
and the maildomain.org is set as the secondary/backup MX

This is working very well for us at least.
David Thurman
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