A few questions I can't find in archive...

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Fri Feb 27 21:35:03 GMT 2004


> >This you do in your mailer, if you configure MS with sendmail for example
> >you can do this easilly with the mailertable.

> We use exim right now. I'll research that further on Exim. I understand
> MS tends to perform better on exim as well? However if it's easier (or
> better) on sendmail to forward the mail along. Might end up doing that
> anyhow. What about as far as SMTP goes? Do the clients just set the SMTP
> server in their MUA to the IP of the MS server?

In Exim you can configure a router to do this, will do the exact same

Exim performs well, but we (with tweaking) squeeze out about the same
amount of messages with the last sendmail versions. Its about the same.
Out of the box Exim performs better...

> >You can buy two or three dual xeons for that ammount of cash, whats the
> >ammount of mail you need to scan ?

> Well, it'll start out for very little, and move up, however, with the
> cost difference I'm apt to just getting more dual xeons. Basically the
> $7000 machine at barracudanetworks claimed to do 25million emails a day,
> handling 25,000 active users.

Well, do some testing. With the smaller messages (virus crap stuff) the
performance goes down a lot.

> I don't foresee ever doing nearly that. Is there a general rule on how
> much mail a Dual Xeon (with SCSI or SATA) and 1-2Gig of RAM can handle
> per minute/per day? Or better yet in my situation, how many different
> domains? We have roughly 400-500 different domains on each dual xeon we
> use for hosting right now. 35-40 machines. We will slowly be moving them
> over. Most of the domain are pretty inactive users, not that many pieces
> of mail per day.

What ammount you process now ? Its all depending on what switches you
toggle, virus scanning, RBL lookups, SpamAssassin...

> Thanks for the quick reply :)

You're welcome.


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