A few questions I can't find in archive...

Rodney Green rgreen at TRAYERPRODUCTS.COM
Fri Feb 27 21:14:33 GMT 2004

Redirection of the mail to the different servers would be a function of
the MTA, not MailScanner.

Nick Nelson wrote:

> Hi folks.
> I've read through a lot of the performance posts in the archives and
> have decided on this machine:
> Dual Opteron 240
> 1 Gig ECC Registered DDR RAM
> 3x80Gig SerialATA drives
> Most likely running Fedora as that seems to perform best with the
> Opterons.
> If I do not choose this machine (my first question coming) I will go
> with a similar Dual Xeon package, same RAM, however most likely only IDE
> drives.
> My first question is, anyone have any input on MS in a 64bit enviorment?
>  I'll probably end up running it in 32bit anyhow, but
> advantages/disadvantages?
> Secondly, the purpose of this machine will be hopefully to scan all
> incoming and outgoing mail for about 30 mailservers. I have also
> reviewed a commercial device (BarracudaNetworks.com) which doesn't seem
> to offer that many advantages, the one advantage it offers, which I'm
> guessing MS does too is the ability to specify:
> domain1.com -> mail1.host.com
> domain2.com -> mail3.host.com
> domain3.com -> mail32.host.com
> Basically need the ability to direct which mailserver each different
> domain should be relayed too. I could not find anything regarding this
> in the MS docs, is this possible?
> Any input on the use of MS over say BarracudaNetworks produt which will
> run at minimum for a dual xeon/opteron configuration in the $7000 range?
> Thanks.. :)
> Nick

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