A few questions I can't find in archive...

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Fri Feb 27 21:19:29 GMT 2004


> >Dual Opteron 240
> >1 Gig ECC Registered DDR RAM
> >3x80Gig SerialATA drives
> One word of caution with the SATA drives:  the 2.4 kernel doesn't do
> particularly well with them.  I'm running SuSE 9 at home, not Fedora, and it
> is *dog* slow.  hdparm reports about 7 mb/sec.  Should be 7 - 10 times that.
> Depending on the controller, the SATA drives may not even be available, many
> people report that they can't even see the SATA drives.  Things may be
> different in the Fedora world, and you may be using the 2.6 kernel in which
> case you'll see much better performance, but SATA is still a bit bleeding
> edge so there may be some drivers/mobos that work, and others that don't...

I am running SATA in some Supermicro boxes, with both 2.4 and 2.6 and they
fly. Sounds strange.
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