A few questions I can't find in archive...

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>Hi folks.
>I've read through a lot of the performance posts in the archives and
>have decided on this machine:
>Dual Opteron 240
>1 Gig ECC Registered DDR RAM
>3x80Gig SerialATA drives

One word of caution with the SATA drives:  the 2.4 kernel doesn't do
particularly well with them.  I'm running SuSE 9 at home, not Fedora, and it
is *dog* slow.  hdparm reports about 7 mb/sec.  Should be 7 - 10 times that.
Depending on the controller, the SATA drives may not even be available, many
people report that they can't even see the SATA drives.  Things may be
different in the Fedora world, and you may be using the 2.6 kernel in which
case you'll see much better performance, but SATA is still a bit bleeding
edge so there may be some drivers/mobos that work, and others that don't...

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