A few questions I can't find in archive...

Nick Nelson nnelson at 1SEO.NET
Fri Feb 27 20:58:56 GMT 2004

Hi folks.

I've read through a lot of the performance posts in the archives and
have decided on this machine:

Dual Opteron 240
1 Gig ECC Registered DDR RAM
3x80Gig SerialATA drives

Most likely running Fedora as that seems to perform best with the Opterons.

If I do not choose this machine (my first question coming) I will go
with a similar Dual Xeon package, same RAM, however most likely only IDE

My first question is, anyone have any input on MS in a 64bit enviorment?
  I'll probably end up running it in 32bit anyhow, but

Secondly, the purpose of this machine will be hopefully to scan all
incoming and outgoing mail for about 30 mailservers. I have also
reviewed a commercial device (BarracudaNetworks.com) which doesn't seem
to offer that many advantages, the one advantage it offers, which I'm
guessing MS does too is the ability to specify:

domain1.com -> mail1.host.com
domain2.com -> mail3.host.com
domain3.com -> mail32.host.com

Basically need the ability to direct which mailserver each different
domain should be relayed too. I could not find anything regarding this
in the MS docs, is this possible?

Any input on the use of MS over say BarracudaNetworks produt which will
run at minimum for a dual xeon/opteron configuration in the $7000 range?

Thanks.. :)


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