4.27-6 Release Date?

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Fri Feb 27 10:28:33 GMT 2004

At 10:03 27/02/2004, you wrote:
>Hi Julian,
> > This weekend I intend 4.27 to go stable.
> > At 01:24 27/02/2004, you wrote:
> > >Is there a planned release date for 4.27-6 ? I need my "bounce" back.
>Did you check the notifications? I have a strong feeling the virus
>warnings stuff is a little broken, of different now. I have seen a couple
>of notifications to myself for example, with virusses that were in the
>silent list, so i should not have gotten them in the first place, but also
>those had for example iframe stuff, so perhaps its sending because of that
>This wasnt before you added the Non-Forging virusses, i have that one
>empty btw...

Thanks for reminding me about that one, had forgotten. The key to the
problem lay in your last sentence above. If you se the non-forging viruses
to anything other than empty, it will work :-)
Fixed now.

>For example this one:
>This is a message from the MailScanner E-Mail Virus Protection Service
>The original e-mail attachment "Curriculum Vitae aischa compleet.jpg.bat"
>was believed to be infected by a virus and has been replaced by this
>If you wish to receive a copy of the *infected* attachment, please
>e-mail helpdesk and include the whole of this message
>in your request. Alternatively, you can call them, with
>the contents of this message to hand when you call.
>At Thu Feb 26 23:40:13 2004 the virus scanner said:
>    F-Prot: Curriculum Vitae aischa compleet.jpg.bat  Infection:
>W32/Lentin.F at mm
>    ClamAV: Curriculum Vitae aischa compleet.jpg.bat contains
>    MailScanner: Batch files are often malicious (Curriculum Vitae aischa
>Note to Help Desk: Look on MailScanner in
>/var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/20040226 (message 1AwUAg-0003zH-Vj).
>And my silent virus list looks like:
>Silent Viruses = Klez Yaha Bugbear Lentin Sobig Mimail Lovelorn Dumaru
>Gibe Ganda Lovgate Fizzer Hybris Akosw Swen Sober Bagle Mydoom Netsky
>Non-Forging Viruses =
>Could you have a look ?

Julian Field
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