Blocking exe's, pif's, etc inside Zip file

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Thu Feb 26 22:55:36 GMT 2004

> I have written the basic code, but it requires 3 more Perl 
> modules to be 
> installed. I doubt I have time to build and test the RPMs for 
> the 3 modules 
> before this weekend. Getting the RPMs absolutely right isn't 
> easy, and is 
> not a job to be hurried. But it may turn up some time after that.

That is okay.  Time isn't that much of a concern, compared to quality of code.  I wouldn't want to hurry someone who's that much dedicated to quality programming.

I'm getting concerned with this as well as one virus came through mailscanner today, but got stopped by symantec for exchange.  First time since mailscanner's installation.  

It would be very nice to have mailscanner go into the zip files.



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