Possible Virus?

Thu Feb 26 15:02:50 GMT 2004

From: "Spicer, Kevin" <Kevin.Spicer at BMRB.CO.UK>

> Mike McMullen wrote:
> > I've attached the html file that comes in the email. The email text
> > that has the
> > attachment tries to lure you to a porn site.
> >
> The file you supplied is simply an obfuscated html page which contains a
redirect to said porn site.  Whilst not desirable it is certainly not a
virus.  The obfuscation technique appears to use random names and numbers,
so there is really very little left to filter on.
Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the info. I'm glad it's not a virus. I fed it sa-learn. Hopefully
it will flag any more that
come through.

Thanks again for your help.


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