Enterprise scalability

Jason Burzenski jburzenski at AMERICANHM.COM
Wed Feb 25 20:33:08 GMT 2004

If I were implementing in this type of environment, I would break it up into
more manageable chunks.  First, figure out roughly how many messages are
processed each day.  If you are expecting 500,000 users who will receive on
average 75 messages per day you are looking at about 37,500,000 messages per
day (that's a lot of mail).  You can build boxes fairly cheaply for handling
a fraction of that mail, say 1,000,000 messages per day.  Get yourself 40
boxes, some load balancing tools, a way to manage the configuration files
easily and you are in business.  There were some threads within the past 3
months about average load with hardware descriptions that you will find
somewhat helpful.

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> From: Forrest Aldrich [mailto:forrie at FORRIE.COM]
> Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 1:01 PM
> Subject: Enterprise scalability
> I'm looking to evaluate a scalable scanning solution - the
> tune of 100's of thousands of users - and I wonder if anyone
> here can share their successes (and nightmares) with regard
> to MailScanner and its auxiliary
> tools (SA is another worry).   I'm looking into Qmail at
> first, as we've
> a need for virtual mailboxes (5 per user), etc.
> I'm concerned about how perl might behave in this type of environment.
> Thanks.
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