Michele Neylon :: Blacknight Solutions michele at BLACKNIGHTSOLUTIONS.COM
Wed Feb 25 17:03:53 GMT 2004

> Just because its not perfect doesnt mean its useless.

Useless = impractical

> Its certainly better than a lot of the filtering techniques out there, and
> should be a lot more effective.
> Reverse lookups for #3? No. *forward* lookups. Eg
> http://www.grblsndktqer.biz/ in the body of the spam resolves to an IP in
> china. So you block it.

A lot would depend on what you use for the reverse lookups ie. mapping the
domain to an IP and then to a geographic location.
Although there are some good IP - geo databases out there certain problems
still exist. For example UTV dialup users in the republic were being classed
as UK.

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