MailScanner -4.22-5+Postfix - 2.0.18-20040122 + SpamAssassin-2.63-1 on RedHat9.0 100% cpu consumtion by Mailscanner !!!

Gandalf .29 .P nissimpenias at
Wed Feb 25 16:13:07 GMT 2004

Hello All ,

I am sitting infront of my server breaking my head why MailScanner consumes
99%-100% CPU when started ????

My System Is Running :
1) RedHat 9.0
2) Perl v-5.8.0 from distro RPM !
3) Postfix build 2.0.18-20040122 from + TLS patch
4) MailScanner 4.22-5 from MailScanner website installed from their install
script .
5) SpamAssasin-2.63-1 rpm .

I followed the Postfix+MailScanner Procedure as described in the postfix
website under addon software MailScanner link and my postfix is runnnig
chrooted on /var/spool/postfix .

The problem is every time I activate the postfix+mailscanner setup which
includes all the steps mentioned in the mailscanner howto , mailscanner
starts postfix incoming queue + outgoing and itself while initating
mailscanner through perl .

Every time I run top I see the mailscanner process taking 99% of my CPU { I
didn't mention but I am running a P4 machine + 256MB RAM with
apache+webmail application} until the machine hangs !!!!

If I get the chance to kill MailScanner processes everything gets back to
normal and the cpu is 99% idle most of the time .

I didn't commit any special changes to MailScanner.conf , I am just using f-
prot and very much want to use the postfix-MailScanner-SpamAssassin
combination .

I will be very happy to get some help solving my problem ....

Thanks in advance ,

Gandalf .29 .P

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