Multiple Recipients

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Tue Feb 24 22:39:21 GMT 2004


> >         So, my interpretation on this is that when there are multiple
> > recipients (w/ different policy), you can't really create a true per-user
> > basis preference. Are there any ways I can make it so that we can create a
> > true per user preference in the 'multiple recipient' case ?
> >

> Only with sendmail. Sendmail appears to be the only MTA that can convert
> messages to multiple recipients up into individual messages to each
> recipient before dropping in MailScanner can then apply
> individual preferences to each message.

You can also do this with Exim but it involved a third Exim process since
Exim only can do this on the delivery stage, the splitting.


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