What is the best High SpamAssassin Score

Chris Yuzik chris at FRACTALWEB.COM
Sun Feb 22 16:34:51 GMT 2004

Stuart Clark wrote:

>What is the best High SpamAssassin Score?
>Without getting complaints from customers

Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple--the "best" score depends
on a number of factors. Spamassassin has quite a few options and can be
tweaked like crazy. If you have Bayes running, that can increase the
score of spam. Also, DCC and Razor are great too. Perhaps even more
significantly, if you have added any additional rule sets, such as
BigEvil.cf, you catch more spam and will increase the scores of spam as
well. (get it and others from
http://www.merchantsoverseas.com/wwwroot/gorilla/sa_rules.htm). It also
depends on what you're going to do with your high spam--are you just
tagging it and delivering it too? Or, if are you deleting it altogether,
in which case you would want to be a bit more catious.

On my server, I have bayes, Razor, and DCC running along with with a few
custom rulesets. I am also using BigEvil.cf, popcorn.cf, weeds.cf, and a
few others that I cannot remember right now.

My thresholds are 5 points for spam and 15 points for high spam. I
deliver spam as an attachment, but quarantine high spam for a couple of
weeks; the user doesn't receive any notification of high-spam.


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