Emailing quarantined emails

Gregg Berkholtz gregg at GBCOMPUTERS.COM
Sat Feb 21 21:11:10 GMT 2004

On Fri, Feb 20, 2004 at 09:52:13PM -0500, Jon Carnes wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-02-20 at 14:34, Gregg Berkholtz wrote:
> > Digging through the listserve archives, online documentation, and
> > source, I don't see an answer to this question;
> >  While it's possible to archive all emails to an email address instead of
> >  a folder, is it also possible to quarantine emails to an address? If
> >  not, is/was this a desired/considered feature?
> >
> > Gregg Berkholtz
> I'm confused by your question, but here is a couple of attempts...
> If you save the quarantined email in q-format then you can drag and drop
> the email qfiles directly into the outgoing /var/spool/mqueue directory
> where they will be sent out to their original destination.
> If you want to have all email to an address thrown in quarantine, then
> blacklist that address.
> Jon Carnes

Actually, what I want to do is change the original recipient of the
infected messages to point to a generic quarantine address, and then
deliver the email to that address. Something so that the helpdesk doesn't
have to access the SMTP server directly. Then they'll just check that
other mailbox (actually it'll be a shared IMAP folder) to look at any
quarantined messages. Though 99% of quarantined emails are worthless
anyway, that other 1% needs to be easily/quickly accessed by the
helpdesk staff.

Basically, I really like what I see in MailScanner, and want to replace
our existing AMViS install with it. Currently AMViS redirects infected
messages to a quarantine address, and I'm trying to avoid changing the
procedure our helpdesk has become accustomed to.


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