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Try this script; we use it to pull the messages from junkmail and
goodmail folders on the Exchange and feed the messages to sa-learn like


SERVER=<fill in your server name / IP here>
USER=<spam checking user>




/usr/sbin/folderdump --host $SERVER --user $USER --pass $PASS --folder
Public\ Folders/$JUNK --dir $SPAM
/usr/sbin/folderdump --host $SERVER --user $USER --pass $PASS --folder
Public\ Folders/$GOOD --dir $NOTSPAM

date >> $LOGFILE

$SALEARN --prefs-file=$PREFS --spam $SPAM >> $LOGFILE 2>&1
rm -f $SPAM/*
$SALEARN --prefs-file=$PREFS --ham $NOTSPAM >> $LOGFILE 2>&1
rm -f $NOTSPAM/*

Make sure that the spam checking user has read access to the public
folders. You may want to restrict its write/delete access to the
junkmail folder only, otherwise a user may accidentally drag and drop a
valuable message on goodmail, rather than Ctrl+Drag and drop.


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Steve Thomas <mailto:lists at STHOMAS.NET> wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 20, 2004 at 07:57:52PM -0800, Michael St. Laurent is
> rumored to have said:
>> I might be able to fix that up... we are stuck with an Exchange
>> server here for the mail email system.  I could create a folder on
>> it for people to move spam and non-spam messages into.  What would I
>> then do to access those folders from the MailScanner server in such
>> a way that they could be fed into sa-learn?
> Never worked with exchange, so I can't say. You could probably do a
> perl script that logs in via pop3 or imap and downloads/deletes the
> messages from the exchange box. I know there's a bunch of exchange
> people on this list, so maybe you'll get a more definitive answer on
> Monday.

Okay, I'll wait to see what others have to say then.

Thanks.  :-D

Michael St. Laurent
Hartwell Corporation
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