Building an MS-SA box

Michael St. Laurent mikes at HARTWELLCORP.COM
Fri Feb 20 23:59:27 GMT 2004

Michael Weiner <mailto:hunter at> wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-02-20 at 18:51, Michael St. Laurent wrote:
>> Second, if you're using the Perl module setup you may want to hunt
>> around for an RPM of the latest CVS version of Clamav.  The
>> instability issues with clamd that were present in the 0.67-1
>> release have been corrected (finally).
>> If you can't get the perl module setup to work reliably you might
>> want to consider switching to the clamscan wrapper mode instead.
>> The load on your server will be a lot higher; however, it seems to
>> "Just Work" right out of the box.
> and what do you set in the mailscanner config? i had simply changed
> from Virus Scanners = clamav to clamavmodule and went thru the cpan
> install. --

To switch to clamscan mode you mean?  I think all you need to do is change
the the Virus Scanners line to read "Virus Scanners = clamav"

Someone please correct me if I am mistaken.

Michael St. Laurent
Hartwell Corporation

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