What are they thinking?!?

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Fri Feb 20 23:44:05 GMT 2004

On 2/20/04 3:08 PM, "John Rudd" wrote:

> You're looking at it wrong.  It's not trying to scam YOU out of
> anything.  It's trying to scam your bayesian learner (if you have one,
> which you probably do since you're using a recent version spam assassin
> (me too)).
> See, the message is scored as non-spam, so if this message ends up being
> auto-learned, it will throw off the weights of your bayes ranks for
> these words ... so if they insert these words into actual spam messages,
> then it will lower the score of the spam message.  That's the logic,
> anyway.
> It's a bayes poisoning attack, or attempt.  I don't know how well they
> work ... it certainly doesn't seem to have had a negative impact on my
> bayes db.

Interesting point. Also is it possible that they are just trying to get the
numbers up on sent spam to be able to charge the client out, since it
doesn't come back as a bounce? Spammers scamming the Spammers?
David Thurman
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