Wierd words for spam filter

David Jacobson davidj at IMPOL.NET
Fri Feb 20 09:46:14 GMT 2004

Hi Again,

I've got customers complaining that spam is coming through and when
analyzing the e-mails
I notice they're using words as follows:

 <<FWD: Need Meds Valiu+m+ $ v|agr@ % Xan_a_x _ At`|v at n ' Pnte.r.min - =
Som+a+  gJe3w>>  <<FWD: On sale V1Agr@ ; xan at x ' V.a.lium & At|v:@n * =
+Soma+ < Pn.t.ermin fmRdI>>  <<FWD: Everything 4 U /Xanax/ ' :V:alium # =
v|@gRa ) A:t|v at n + .S.oma _ Pnter:m:in Q6bgh>>  <<Re: flanders>>  =

which are not getting tagged, now everytime I try add special words like
that with pipes colons pluses etc
it seems to break stuff and tag everything as spam, can someone give me an
example of how to add such


Kind regards,

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