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David Jacobson davidj at IMPOL.NET
Fri Feb 20 09:39:36 GMT 2004

Hi Guys,

Quick question, not sure if anyone can help me but its worth a shot.

I have an agreement with some of our customers that if a mail is not
tagged as spam they forward it to a
particular blacklist address to get banned, now I was planning on making
this a semi automated process
however due to the fact that its a forwarded message I can't make it
automated since it will tag the From
address as spam and not the spammers from address..

Now for a long time I've been adding these blacklists manually is there
perhaps some sort of regexp
I can use against the mbox to just get the spammer addresses? as this
manual process is becoming
an absolute nightmare!

Any help welcome... Thanks.

Kind regards,

David Jacobson
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