Send Spam to Folder?

Thu Feb 19 14:43:05 GMT 2004

From: "Julian Field" <mailscanner at ECS.SOTON.AC.UK>

> The standard way of achieving this with POP users is to have a second
> username for every user, that has a name like
>          username+spam
> for which mail is delivered into a separate mailbox. Using a procmail
> setup, you could achieve the same thing for their IMAP spam folder.
> You then write a trivial little Custom Function which for a user
> returns "forward username+spam" as the "Spam Actions" setting. Procmail
> then picks up the new username+spam in the envelope recipient and delivers
> it into their spam mailbox.
> Does anyone else agree that will work?
> At 14:11 19/02/2004, you wrote:
> >This may not be exacly what your looking for but in the MailScannere.conf
> >file on the options of what to do with spam, there is a forward
> >option.  You will see this option for the low and high scoring spam.
> >
> >Be something like this:
> >forward spam at
> >
> >From: Mike McMullen [mailto:mlm at LOANPROCESSING.NET]
> >Is there an easy way to get mail marked as spam automatically
> >moved to a folder (mbox format) in a user's IMAP mail folders?
> >
> >I'm new at trying to do this stuff so any easy examples or
> >pointers would be of great help.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Mike
Hi Julian,

A sample procmail rule was posted yesterday. It looks for {Spam in the
Subject and if found puts it in a Spam folder. I tried it yesterday and it
has worked great for my IMAP mail account. I'm going to roll it out
to my people today.

I'd never done any procmail stuff but since getting this rule I've
done a lot of looking at the examples and I've learned a lot.

Thanks to everyone who replied.


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