Send Spam to Folder?

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Thu Feb 19 14:27:11 GMT 2004

The standard way of achieving this with POP users is to have a second
username for every user, that has a name like
for which mail is delivered into a separate mailbox. Using a procmail
setup, you could achieve the same thing for their IMAP spam folder.

You then write a trivial little Custom Function which for a user "username"
returns "forward username+spam" as the "Spam Actions" setting. Procmail
then picks up the new username+spam in the envelope recipient and delivers
it into their spam mailbox.

Does anyone else agree that will work?

At 14:11 19/02/2004, you wrote:
>This may not be exacly what your looking for but in the MailScannere.conf
>file on the options of what to do with spam, there is a forward
>option.  You will see this option for the low and high scoring spam.
>Be something like this:
>forward spam at
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>From: Mike McMullen [mailto:mlm at LOANPROCESSING.NET]
>Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2004 6:26 PM
>Subject: Send Spam to Folder?
>Hi All,
>Is there an easy way to get mail marked as spam automatically
>moved to a folder (mbox format) in a user's IMAP mail folders?
>I'm new at trying to do this stuff so any easy examples or
>pointers would be of great help.

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