MailScanner reports FATAL Code error and sendmail stops.

Richard Lush richard.lush at NTLWORLD.COM
Tue Feb 17 20:18:06 GMT 2004

I did look at the URL thanks!  I've finally tracked it down to bitdefender which I have running on one of the MailScanners.
I thought bitdefender was supported but it would appear not.
The sendmail  issue was a bit of a red herring.  MailScanner was failing the scans, because of bitdefender, and hence not releasing the mail. 
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From: MailScanner mailing list on behalf of Raymond Dijkxhoorn
Sent: Tue 17/02/2004 16:41
Subject: Re: MailScanner reports FATAL Code error and sendmail stops.


> Feb 17 16:31:06 obiwan MailScanner[1780]: FATAL: *Please go and READ*
> as
> it will tell you what to do.

Dit you actually take time to look at that url ?

Most likely you are using a virus scanner thats not fully supported yet.


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