auto updating sophos IDEs

Tue Feb 17 18:21:55 GMT 2004

>i know some people on here use sophos and i was wundering how you keep it
uptodate? i have it
>installed on mylinux box but right now i have to download the IDEs my self
from there site. i read >the docs to find a auto update command for sophos
but no joy.!

>i found one here
>but does any one have a better one?


If you're using Sophos with MailScanner, MailScanner will automaticaly
update the IDE files for you.  You can invoke this manually by running:

If you're not using MailScanner (for whatever reason) you can now
use Enterprise Manager Library to automaticaly download any version
of Sophos to a central installation directory (CID).  The EM Library
requires a Win2K or better client to function.

You can also use the exellent utility "" to download
the Linux version.  It's available at:



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