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Tue Feb 17 16:46:49 GMT 2004

At 16:35 17/02/2004, you wrote:
>Hi Julian,
>I am installing the newest MS (mailscanner-4.26.8-1) on a brand new
>server and I noticed the following configuration directives in
>   Clean Header Value       = Found to be clean
>   Infected Header Value    = Found to be infected
>   Disinfected Header Value = Disinfected
>   Information Header Value = Please contact the ISP for more information
>   Unscanned Header Value = Not scanned: please contact your Internet
> E-Mail Service Provider for details
>   Scanned Subject Text = {Scanned}
>   Virus Subject Text = {Virus?}
>   Filename Subject Text = {Filename?}
>   Content Subject Text = {Blocked Content}
>   Spam Subject Text = {Spam?}
>   High Scoring Spam Subject Text = {Spam?}
>   Attachment Warning Filename = %org-name%-Attachment-Warning.txt
>   Notice Signature = -- \nMailScanner\nEmail Virus
> Scanner\
>Shouldn't these be moved to %report-dir%/languages.conf with the other
>stuff that gets localized by people?  I translate all of them to French
>on my systems...  Would it be worth the efforts?

It's a matter of how to manage that without breaking anyone's existing

>How about file(name|type).rules.conf?  Would you like to get our
>localized versions?

That's easier to move, will think about that.

>You also indicate the following default value has been changed to no but
>it is still yes...
>   # Do you want to notify the people who sent you messages containing
>   # viruses or badly-named filenames?
>   # The default value has been changed to "no" as most viruses now fake
>   # sender addresses and therefore should be on the "Silent Viruses" list.
>   # This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
>   Notify Senders = yes

Actually, the default is what I intended but I put the comment in the wrong

>As always, many thanks for this great software!

My pleasure :-)
Julian Field
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