Single process taking over?

David Hooton david at PLATFORMHOSTING.COM
Tue Feb 17 11:38:11 GMT 2004

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> Ah, a reproducible fault! I like those :-)

I don't!!  :)

> What does your MailScanner.conf look like? (just the interesting bits,
> don't care what all the filenames of your reports are and stuff like
> that).

See below..

> What virus scanner(s), SpamAssassin, etc?

ClamAV, McAfee, Spamassassin 2.6.3, DCC, Razor

> What is the last thing the runaway process logs before CPU hogging?

Nothing abnormal, just the process starting and mail being processed, even
in verbose logging, it just appears to be a normal process that won't let
the other threads have any resources.  If I kill it, the other threads spawn
and run as per normal.

> Does the CPU hogging start the instant you start MailScanner, or the
> instant the first child process runs, or when?

As soon as mail begins to be processed.  If no mail is in the queue, not
hogging, but the second any mail is in queue it's hogging.

Max Children = 4
Queue Scan Interval = 1
MTA = sendmail
Max Unscanned Bytes Per Scan = 100000000
Max Unsafe Bytes Per Scan = 50000000
Max Unscanned Messages Per Scan = 15
Max Unsafe Messages Per Scan = 15
Virus Scanning = yes
Virus Scanners = mcafee clamav
Virus Scanner Timeout = 300
Spam Checks = yes
Spam List =
Use SpamAssassin = yes
Max SpamAssassin Size = 90000
Deliver In Background = yes
Delivery Method = batch

Let me know if you want any more detail..



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