Single process taking over?

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Tue Feb 17 09:36:29 GMT 2004

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> > Is there a particular message in your incoming queue that causes this?
> > Is anything being logged?
> > What is the last log entry from the rogue process?
> > What OS/distribution/version are you running?
> >
>Hi Julian,
>No, this happens the moment we start MailScanner with that code release.
>The box is running RedHat 9, has 1 gig of RAM, hardware mirrored 80GB SATA
>drives and dual 2.8Ghz processors.
>At one stage yesterday the box was running at a load average of 16 from this
>one process, only had 2kb in it!
>We've had to back off to an older code version because of the load.

Ah, a reproducible fault! I like those :-)
What does your MailScanner.conf look like? (just the interesting bits,
don't care what all the filenames of your reports are and stuff like that).
What virus scanner(s), SpamAssassin, etc?
What is the last thing the runaway process logs before CPU hogging?
Does the CPU hogging start the instant you start MailScanner, or the
instant the first child process runs, or when?
Julian Field
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