Single process taking over?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Tue Feb 17 08:42:05 GMT 2004

Is there a particular message in your incoming queue that causes this?
Is anything being logged?
What is the last log entry from the rogue process?
What OS/distribution/version are you running?

At 02:47 17/02/2004, you wrote:
>I've just upgraded to 4.26.8 and have noticed that on one of our linux boxes
>running Sendmail MailScanner seems to have spawned all the processes, but
>one process always uses 99-100% CPU and the box is killing itself to keep up
>regardless of weather mail is waiting to be processed or not.
>If I kill that individual MailScanner process the box begins to run
>Has anyone else seen this?  It's a pretty big issue as this box is one of
>our core message routing boxes.
>David Hooton
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Julian Field
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