Sendmail question, multiple recipients

Steve Campbell campbell at CNPAPERS.COM
Tue Feb 17 02:38:10 GMT 2004

To the list,

I realize this is not the Sendmail list, but I will ask here, if you please, a
question that keep perplexing me. This sort of is a followup of a prior post I
sent, one which I thought I had this all figured out (with a lot of patient help
from this list).

I have finally turned off my fail-over (catch-all) mailbox, and it seems to work
most of the time (meaning it rejects mail to invalid users right away).

But it seems that when an email with a valid recipient and multiple invalid CC
recipients, Sendmail will accept the email due to the valid recipient, and then
send out NDR replies for all of the invalid recipients.

Is there a way I am missing to avoid this or is this just the way it has to be?
Is there a way to scrub my outgoing queue of these without manually deleting these?

A long while back, there was discussion of configuring sendmail to break these
up into separate emails, but would this fix this problem?

Thanks loads,

Steve Campbell
Charleston Newspapers
campbell at

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