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> Ah, yes, I misunderstood. I thought it was a problem with a single message
> going through more than 1 MailScanner on its way to its recipient. What
> you
> actually mean is a conversation between 2 people winding up with multiple
> signatures on it.
> If you want to stop them, then the easiest way is a ruleset that stops it
> signing messages if the message comes from you and goes to you. Use a
> "FromAndTo:  no" ruleset entry to do this.

Thanks Julian,

This really only works when sending to and from your own domain, doesn't
work with multiple domains.  We use MailScanner as a gateway solution for
DSL customers, when they are emailing their own domain this isn't a problem
because it's delivered locally on their own mail server.  The real problem
is when they are having long conversations via email with external domains.

I know I'm being a pain, I will try the other suggestion of using -- before
the footer to see if that helps.  Finding a way to make this work cleanly
would very much assist the uneducated joe average user which we seem to



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