Solved: MailScanner + Sendmail and User Unknown not bounced at once...(this does NOT use LDAP routing)

David H. dh at UPTIME.AT
Mon Feb 16 22:23:35 GMT 2004

Hash: RIPEMD160

Hello Community.

All of us Sendmail + Mailscanner user might know the case where 
MailScanner queues up a message for a User that is Unknown. THe Message 
gets scanned, then bounced by the local delivery agent.
For all of us that use Cyrus as their local Mail Store I found a nice 
solution to prevent this behaviour without having to implement LDAP 
routing, be it real or via a faked map.

With some very great tutoring from Andrzej Filip, along with Claus Aßman 
one of  the best sendmail hackers imho it is quite easy to implement.
I just wanted to gauge reactions, if there is a need for this, I will 
gladly try and write a howto. However if just two or three are 
interested in this, I think they should contact me off list and I will 
explain the steps to them.

Thank you

- -d
Version: GnuPG v1.2.3 (Darwin)


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