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At 20:17 16/02/2004, you wrote:
>This is from the ClamAV list, thought especially Julian would like to
>see it... :-)
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>Subject: RE: [Clamav-users] Implementation Questions
>Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 11:36:43 -0800
>From: Michael St. Laurent <mikes at hartwellcorp.com>
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>Antony Stone <mailto:Antony at Soft-Solutions.co.uk> wrote:
>>I run MailScanner http://www.mailscanner.info as a wrapper to ClamAV
>>and SpamAssassin (it can also handle many other A-V engines, and does
>>further tests & checks of its own), and I find this a very good
>>solution to handling email.
>I recently moved to MailScanner as well after discovering that I would not
>be able to use the clamav-milter given the special circumstances involved
>Wow.  I'm really, really happy with it.  It has one of the best install
>scripts I've ever seen for unix.  It took a while to get it configured
>because it is *very* configurable.
>Michael St. Laurent
>Hartwell Corporation

Thanks for sending me that. It's amazing what a bit of plain jargon-free
English and a few "sleep" statements can do!
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