Archives not being scanned, help!

Max Kipness mkipness at GENIANT.COM
Sat Feb 14 16:19:53 GMT 2004

>I've started archiving one of our domains and forwarding them to mbox
>format files locally. Everything is working fine, however when I open
>of the files with a webmail program, I notice that they are not being
>scanned. The original email that processes and is routed to another
>server gets scanned however. It appears as though the archive sends the
>email to the file without traversing the scanner. I even sent the eicar
>test file and it went through fine.
>Is there something I need to configure to have archived mail get

The mail archive is completely intentionally an unmodified copy of the
incoming mail feed. If you are having to archive mail for legal reasons
(like I do) to collect test data sets, the last thing you want is to
anything missing from the original copy. Once you are changing anything
the archive, I very much doubt its trustworthiness would stand up in
should it be necessary. The court opponents could then argue that a bug
the software could have deleted something it shouldn't have. By not
modifying it at all, you have a much stronger defence against this

Handle your mail archive carefully.

We are actually archiving at a client's request. I've configured them
access via webmail for them to view their archived mbox files and
actually reply to email. This is mainly for times when their own server
may be down.

There are no legal concerns here.

So is their anyway to configure MailScanner to scan archived mail?


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