SA timeout setting?

Kai Schaetzl maillists at CONACTIVE.COM
Fri Feb 13 17:31:35 GMT 2004

Matt Kettler wrote on Fri, 13 Feb 2004 10:59:47 -0500:

> # If SpamAssassin takes longer than this (in seconds), the check is
> # abandoned and the timeout noted.
> SpamAssassin Timeout = 60

is that the default? Should be sufficient.

> # This means that remote network failures causing SpamAssassin trouble will
> # not mean your mail stops flowing.
> Max SpamAssassin Timeouts = 20

Hm, both settings are not in my Mailscanner.conf file. Weird. I have only 
similar settings for spam lists.

> Note: in general you shouldn't be getting timeouts for SA if you don't use 
> RBLS, and don't use razor/dcc/pyzor.

It's all off. I've never used any of these.

It could be a matter of bayes expiry 
> runs causing timeouts if you use bayes.
> Some of the most recent versions of MailScanner actively manage bayes 
> expiry to prevent timeouts while processing messages. If your version 
> doesn't, you can make a short-term fix by having a daily cron job call 
> sa-learn --force-expire.

Bayes-expiry *was* the reason for the many time-outs I was getting when 
starting with Mailscanner, see my message
Message-Id: <VA.000016af.01a5d543 at>
on SAtalk. That came from a bayes db having some tokens in the future. Until 
I have fixed that I set the maximum token count to 1 mio. which stops any 
expiry runs and also stopped the many time-outs. Nevertheless, I'm still 
getting too many time-outs. I'm currently sending only about 100 or 200 
messages (most of of them spam) per day to the testing server with 
Mailscanner and I have about 10 SA time-outs per day. That's too many for my 
taste. I have about one year's experience with Mailcorral (milter) in 
connection with spamd and didn't see a time-out rate like this on the other 

Can you suggest a debugging method to find out more about why the time-outs 
happen? I assume I would need to change the SA invocation string in some 
Mailscanner module or so?



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