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Fri Feb 13 14:09:39 GMT 2004

At 14:00 13/02/2004, you wrote:
>Derek Winkler wrote on         Thu, 12 Feb 2004 16:51:29 -0500:
> > I added the from to X-Algo-MailScanner-Information with a custom function.
>Sorry, I fear I don't understand what you mean or maybe I just fear I won't
>be able to do that. But, wouldn't it be much better to have it added like
>instead of being buried in some other information?
> > That's your MTA's job.
> >
>Almost overlooked that one. I think that's strictly a point-of-view thing.
>Why should it be natural for the MTA to do? Anyway, I searched around how
>sendmail could do this and it simply doesn't. I found only these clumsy
>procmail solutions:
>and still no X-Envelope-From.

Sendmail will add a "Return-Path:" header for you which is the envelope
sender address. In your, at the start of the "Format of
headers" section, you need to ensure you have
H?P?Return-Path: <$g>

Putting in the envelope recipient addresses are a bad idea as this means
that "Bcc" is no longer "blind" as all the recipients will get to see the
addresses of all the other recipients, which isn't what your users will want.

>We are currently using a milter which happily adds both headers by default
>and I found that they are very useful for everything concerning anti-spam
>measures, adding to access.db etc. but also for whitelisting. Actually, I
>was quite surprised when first checking out Mailscanner that it doesn't add
>these headers and wonder why it doesn't. Mailscanner seems to be the perfect
>place to do it. Obviously, sendmail doesn't do, that's why several milters
>add them (f.i. amavis-new does it, but why add another milter to the chain
>if I don't need it for other things?).

I am of the opinion that your MTA can already do the envelope sender, and
putting in the envelope recipient is a bad idea.
Julian Field
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