MailScanner -> Spamassassin taking insane amount of bandwidth

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Thu Feb 12 22:55:20 GMT 2004

Have you perhaps considered that the last month's mail traffic has increased
fairly significantly?  MyDoom on it's own was more than half of our traffic
for a day or so.




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I have the following configuration:




with spamassassin 2.61

sendmail 8.11.6-27


on an IBM x235 


2 2.4GHZ Processors

1.25 GHZ of RAM

Hot swapable raid 5 config.



We have about a 100 small sites configured for mail mostly and some, web.


This is running on RedHat Linux 7.3 Kernel 2.4.18-27.7.xsmp


We have been running MailScanner on that machine for almost 2 years now
without any problems.



Since we have activated the anti-spam features using SpamAssassin,  and
standard Spam-Checking throught the ORBS lists, our bandwidth usage has more
than doubled.


Before activating that feature, we were using 80-100GB of bandwidth per
month. Now we're up to 224GB for last month.



Has anyone ever heard of SpamAssassin doing this?



Thank you in advance for your help.










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