Updating importance

Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy miguelk at KONSULTEX.COM.BR
Wed Feb 11 15:00:16 GMT 2004


I assume you mean Mail Scanner itself and not the anti-virus engine or 
pattern. The pattern especially should be updated as frequently as 
possible because they all work by comparison with known virus 
definitions. As to Mail Scanner itself, there are some occasions, which 
are ususally very evident on this mailing list, when an update is 
important to catch a new type os virus mechanism or interpret a new or 
changed resut from a virus scanner that you may be using. Those updates 
are very infrequent in my history with Mail Scanner (about 3 years). I 
usually update anyway though, a few weeks after a stable release is 
available because it's pretty simple and usually has some new features I 
think I may use (but I never do).

But I also believe in the golden rule that if it works well for you, 
don't touch it!


Billy A. Pumphrey wrote:

>Can someone explain the importance of updating, if it is important?  I
>am still learning Linux and I have MailScanner running with someone's
>help and I don't want to screw it up if it is not critical to update.
>However if it is critical to update, Its probably time that I dive into
>it again.
>Thank you

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