Local Relay patch for MS

Ken Anderson ka at PACIFIC.NET
Wed Feb 11 00:06:27 GMT 2004

I thought SA already looked at all the ips for rbl checks?
Does it not check all the IPs against other IP based SA rules.
If it doesn't, then YES, we'd use it for sendmail too!

Ken A

Lindsay Snider wrote:

> Julian and fellow Mailscanneriers,
>   Here is a patch which allows MailScanner to ignore ips acting as
> relays to your mailscanner server.  For example, if you collect mail on
> a mx server and then relay it to a mailscanner server, you can specify
> your mx server as a local relay.  Then, mailscanner will not report the
> mx server as the source of the message but rather the ip which connected
> to the mx.
> example:
> sender-> localrelay1 -> localrelay2 -> mailscanner
> mailscanner will report the sender's ip.
> if this happens:
> localrelay1 -> localrealy2 -> mailscanner
> mailscanner will report localrelay1
> Would anyone else find this useful?
> Patch Detail:
> For now only postfix support is coded.
> I left debugging in so you can watch what its doing.
> I originally had the mailscanner.conf -> message object load in during
> Message.pm:new() but from what I recall, it wasn't running before
> <mta>.pm:ReadQF.  Perhaps it should be moved to Postfix.pm:new().
> Something like the following will work for the conf file.
> /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf:
> # Local Relay
> Local Relay =
> --
> Lindsay Snider <lindsay at pa.net>

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