Local Relay patch for MS

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Tue Feb 10 22:51:53 GMT 2004


> > Cool! This would be nice for sendmail also. Would save some trouble.
> > Care to have a look for sendmail also?
> Yeah, I wouldn't mind writing the patch for sendmail.  I don't have
> sendmail but it should be similar enough.  Although almost rhetorical,
> would you then be up for testing it?  Maybe we should also wait to see
> what Julian thinks in case he'd like to add this to the main distrib.

If Julian wants to add it, sure, i do not only want to test it but will
switch it on right away :-)

> > Does the RBL part also check on the
> > 'ip before' ?

> I'm not sure.  I know message->{clientip} will be correct.  I'll have to
> check what the RBL looks against.  Perhaps Julian is the best to answer
> this.  I'm out until tomorrow afternoon but when I get in, I'll check it
> out if someone else hasn't beat me to it.

Julian ?


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