For those of us that feel strongly that email should be a reliable transport medium.

Dee Lowndes dee at ASYOUNEED.COM
Tue Feb 10 23:30:20 GMT 2004

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> reliable transport medium.
> Julian Field wrote:
> > At 16:51 10/02/2004, you wrote:
> >
> > Why not just use
> >
> > Spam Actions = deliver
> > or
> > Spam Actions = deliver attachment
> > or
> > Spam Actions = notify store
> >
> > That way your recipients don't have to wade through anything, all
> > incoming email is stored and people can get at messages that were
> wrongly
> > tagged very easily.
> My setup is an ISP setup  very high volume:  deliver, deliver
>  attachment, and notify all still puts hundreds of email in pop mails
> boxes that
> users have to download over 28.8 baud links,  The number of support
> calls we get because some users email client can't handle this (always
> outlook or outlook express) eats up real money.
> As I scan mail for hundreds of domains  I'm not sure how long I would
> be able to "store" email for. I take in hundreds of emails a second,
> a
> few days worth.  Not to mention  I would have to train  thousands of
> on how to pick up these stored messages! I'm not even sure how I would
> go about
> authenticating  the users of the corporate customer that use us as an
> email gateway
> for incoming mail!
> >
> > I appreciate your point, and I am aware of your position. But
> > spam
> > is not the correct answer to it, there are many other superior
> > solutions to
> > the problem, that don't cause grief to everyone else on the net.
> I also appreciate your point of view,  but  I'm not worried about
> bouncing the spam
> I'm worried about bouncing that one message in a thousand that is a
> false positive.
> The one that winds me up on the phone with an irate customer because
> his  stock

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that what the whitelist is for if you
have a requirement for certain emails to reach from certain address no
matter what put it in their.


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