For those of us that feel strongly that email should be a reliable transport medium.

James Sizemore james at DENY.ORG
Tue Feb 10 19:32:40 GMT 2004

Julian Field wrote:

> At 16:51 10/02/2004, you wrote:
> Why not just use
> Spam Actions = deliver
> or
> Spam Actions = deliver attachment
> or
> Spam Actions = notify store
> That way your recipients don't have to wade through anything, all your
> incoming email is stored and people can get at messages that were wrongly
> tagged very easily.

My setup is an ISP setup  very high volume:  deliver, deliver
 attachment, and notify all still puts hundreds of email in pop mails
boxes that
users have to download over 28.8 baud links,  The number of support
calls we get because some users email client can't handle this (always
outlook or outlook express) eats up real money.

As I scan mail for hundreds of domains  I'm not sure how long I would
be able to "store" email for. I take in hundreds of emails a second, maybe a
few days worth.  Not to mention  I would have to train  thousands of users
on how to pick up these stored messages! I'm not even sure how I would
go about
authenticating  the users of the corporate customer that use us as an
email gateway
for incoming mail!

> I appreciate your point, and I am aware of your position. But bouncing
> spam
> is not the correct answer to it, there are many other superior
> solutions to
> the problem, that don't cause grief to everyone else on the net.

I also appreciate your point of view,  but  I'm not worried about
bouncing the spam
I'm worried about bouncing that one message in a thousand that is a
false positive.
The one that winds me up on the phone with an irate customer because
his  stock
quote did not get acknowledged, and a $5000 dollar a month  customer is
to find another ISP over a few emails!  I would love to hear of these
solutions" but from what I can tell the only real solution is to bounce,
every other
solution has serious down sides. Or causes  thousands of users to jump
hoops deleting mail they never wanted to begin with!

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