For those of us that feel strongly that email should be a reliable transport medium.

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>No offense, but this sounds rather self-serving.  "I don't care who I
>damage, as long as my bottom line is safe."  I'm not a MailScanner
>expert here, but I'd be willing to bet that someone could come up with
>an alternate solution that would be a decent compromise.  But
>'reverse-spamming' everyone else so that you have no chance of upsetting
>your customers seems a little selfish.

No offense, but I cannot help but laugh to some extent. As a business
owner, (not this company) I have to think
not just at a technical level but at level that involves good business
sense. For any business, the customers
are what matters. Without them, why the heck are we in business? What is  a
product or service with out a user? The answer
is IT is and will be nothing. So yes, it does sound self serving because it
is. It serves the best interests of our clients
and the are the reason we are in business. IF, any of the CEO's of CFO's of
your companies were a client of my company's and
subscribed to our services. IF, they received a time sensitive email
message involving lots of money and did not get the message due
to the fact that the message was destroyed and no sender was notified,
guess who you CEO's and CFO's would hold
liable? Can anyone say law suit?

Errol neal

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