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Tue Feb 10 19:01:39 GMT 2004

At 18:54 10/02/2004, you wrote:
>At 01:40 PM 2/10/2004, you wrote:
>>I support Julian's decision of removing the "Bounce" option. To ask for this
>>option knowingly that 99% of the time you're notifying the wrong sender is
>>outrageous!!! ...
>>I repspectfuly object to the point was made about e-mail "reliability" by
>>enabling "Bounce". I think all you're doing is saturating the Internet with
>>junk and costing other MTAs valuable resources and creating confusion.
>>Do you call this "reliable"?
>>Bouncing too  many messages may even force some other MTAs to block your
>>server to stop the excessive bounces. Do you call this "reliable"?
>>I have been running MS to thousands of my users for 2 years now. Our
>>users are
>>extremely happy, less confused, and trust our service. There are other ways
>>that Julian made available to accomplish what you are trying to do
>>without "Bouncing" messages all over the Internet.
>>If you look at the whole picture, you will see Julian's point ...
>>Create a patch that more fits your needs and be done with !!!
>Well can we agree that it is not the bounce, but the contents of the
>bounce? For example, a message that says
>"You are a spammer that sent a message to user at We do not accept
>unsolicted mail and blah blah blah"
>as opposed to a message that says "A message to user at that
>apparently came from your email address was
>not recieved. If you are indeed the sender, please find a alternate means
>of communicating with the user. Otherwise please disregard this message".
>That sounds a lot better than he first one.

It's not the contents that are the problem, it's the quantity. Have you
ever been on the receiving end of a joe-job attack? Or have you ever been
the software author that has to put up with the personal abuse and physical
threats mailed to you every week by the poor innocent victims of joe-jobs?

I think your stance might change *real* fast if you had to deal with this.
If you like, I'll start redirecting all my abusive email to you :-)
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