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Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Mon Feb 9 21:11:23 GMT 2004

At 20:58 09/02/2004, you wrote:
>I see the following in filename.rules.conf:
>deny    pretty\s+park\.exe$
>deny    happy99.exe$
>deny    webpage\.rar$
>Is the \ required before . ?

Yes, otherwise it wouldn't be there. They are regular expressions. "."
means any character. "\." means the literal character "."

>Also, I wanted to block any "doc.zip" attachments that come through, so
>added the following line:
>deny    doc.zip$        -       -
>This also blocks dp_doc.zip, or anything else that has .....doc.zip.
>The following appears to work properly, but just want to make sure:
>deny    ^doc.zip$       -       -
>Again, is a \. needed, rather than just the . ?

That will match filenames which are exactly "doc.zip" as ^ means the start
of the filename and $ means the end of the filename. Suggest you read up a
bit on regular expressions. "man perlre" will get you started. What I
suspect you mean is to block any filename ending in ".doc.zip" which is
deny    \.doc\.zip$     -       -

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