Spamcop not working

Miserable Old Git oldmaxgit at YAHOO.COM
Mon Feb 9 07:13:50 GMT 2004

Hi Raymond,

Thanks for your time and comments.

I Set bounce to "1" for testing purposes and will probably up this when it
is running.

I know that conversations and arguements rage over whether spam should be
bounced or not,  and I don't want to start that here.   My reasoning behind
bouncing RBL listed mail is that there are occasions when an IP can be
listed inadvertantly.   For example:  I was black listed once because
somebody on the same server was running an old version of formmail which
was used by a spammer.   :o(

If nobody ever bounces RBL mail, the service providers would never know.

I guess that once it is running properly,  I will trim/tidy/tweak it as
time proceeds.

Thanks for your thoughts on the subject,  but I remain unconvinced,  unsure
and open minded about it.   Why is life so complicated ?  :o)

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