Manually invoking MailScanner

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Sun Feb 8 20:50:25 GMT 2004

Kevin Everts wrote:

> I am using MailScanner with Postfix to scan my incoming email.  I am
> also using getmail to poll my pop3 accounts and download my email.  I
> would like to process all of the email that getmail retrieves in
> MailScanner.  The way to do this is to invoke MailScanner manually.  Is
> this possible?  If so, what is the command to do this?

I don't really know how getmail works, but I can say that fetchmail
works like a charm and is very easy to setup.


> Below is a message that I posted to the getmail mailing list.  The reply
> is from the author of getmail.
>  > I am in the process of setting up a new mail server with Postfix (using
>  > /Maildir's) , getmail, MailScanner and Maildrop.  I have everything
> working
>  > except for getmail.  I would like to have getmail first send my email to
>  > MailScanner for virus scanning and spam checking and then to Maildrop for
>  > sorting.
> Okay.  In this case, MailScanner must add headers to the message to
> allow you
> to sort based on it's spam/non-spam decision?  If that's the case, it must
> write the modified message to stdout.  So your getmail delivery directive
> would be something like this:
>   postmaster="|/path/to/"
> where that script is something like:
>   #!/bin/bash
>   cat - \
>     | /path/to/mailscanner [options] \
>     | /path/to/maildrop [options]
> I've never used MailScanner, so I can't help you with what specific options
> you'll need to get it to operate in filter mode (read stdin, modify, write
> stdout).  It should be clearly spelled out in its documentation.
> Thanks,
> Kevin

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