Manually invoking MailScanner

Kevin Everts kevin at EVERTS.US
Sun Feb 8 18:20:29 GMT 2004

I am using MailScanner with Postfix to scan my incoming email.  I am also using getmail to poll my pop3 accounts and download my email.  I would like to process all of the email that getmail retrieves in MailScanner.  The way to do this is to invoke MailScanner manually.  Is this possible?  If so, what is the command to do this?  

Below is a message that I posted to the getmail mailing list.  The reply is from the author of getmail.

> I am in the process of setting up a new mail server with Postfix (using
> /Maildir's) , getmail, MailScanner and Maildrop.  I have everything working
> except for getmail.  I would like to have getmail first send my email to
> MailScanner for virus scanning and spam checking and then to Maildrop for
> sorting.

Okay.  In this case, MailScanner must add headers to the message to allow you
to sort based on it's spam/non-spam decision?  If that's the case, it must
write the modified message to stdout.  So your getmail delivery directive
would be something like this:


where that script is something like:

  cat - \
    | /path/to/mailscanner [options] \
    | /path/to/maildrop [options]

I've never used MailScanner, so I can't help you with what specific options
you'll need to get it to operate in filter mode (read stdin, modify, write
stdout).  It should be clearly spelled out in its documentation.

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