Trend scanner log data missing

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sat Feb 7 10:38:58 GMT 2004

At 02:36 07/02/2004, you wrote:
>Gerry Doris wrote:
>>Notice that Trend has identified the virus in a separate line.  However,
>>in /var/log/maillog everything is there except for the Trend data.  The
>>log only contains a line that says "Trend found one infections".
>>Is there a way to get the Trend data into the mail log or is this part
>>of the trend scanning binary?
>I have the same issue with Trend.  I wrote to the list about it, but
>never got a response.  Now that 2 of us have reported the problem maybe
>someone will take a look.  My original post has sample output from

Please mail me a reminder off-list. I am extremely snowed under at the
moment, and don't have much time for MailScanner work. You're not getting
any of my day-job hours at all right now. If you can mail me a copy of the
latest Trend scanner, that would help so I can test it properly.
Julian Field
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