pb working Spam

Thierry lenaig at WANADOO.FR
Fri Feb 6 08:34:50 GMT 2004


Actually, i am using procmail to move Spam in special box :

| spamassassin -P

* ^X-Spam-Flag: YES

So if i comment this lines, i receive Spam in my pricipal box, i mean that, mailscanner/spamassassin are not working.
I need them to work because i am using mailscanner-mrtg.

Spam Checks = yes
Use SpamAssassin = yes
Spam Score = yes
Spam Actions = delete
High Scoring Spam Actions = delete
Log Spam = yes
SpamAssassin User State Dir = /var/spool/spamassassin

In /var/spool/spamassassin, i have two files :
-rw-r-xr-x    1 root     wheel       65536 Feb  6 09:30 bayes_seen
-rw-r-xr-x    1 root     wheel      114688 Feb  6 09:30 bayes_toks

I think that i made a mistake, but i still do not know where.


Ne faites jamais un "apt-get install new-wife" avant
un "apt-get remove --purge current-wife"

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